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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

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Frequently asked questionQuestion: What is a webinar and how does it work?

Answer to FAQAnswer: A webinar is an online event that is hosted by an individual, or organization, or business and it is made available to a specific group of people via their laptop or desktop computers or smart phones over the internet. (A webinar is occasionally also sometimes referred to as a webcast, online event, online presentation, online training, or web seminar.)

A webinar permits a presenter (or speaker) from the hosting entity to share slide presentations, videos, web pages or other multi-media content with audiences that can be situated anywhere so long as the viewers have access to the internet.

Webinars routinely have sound and visual components. The visual element of a webinar is shared by way of a web conferencing tool or Web browser. The audio and sound component of a webinar is generally transmitted through the audience's computers or smart phones (via speakers and media players) or by way of a telephone or cell phone.

A webinar additionally permits the hosting person/organization/company to interact with a target audience. People in the audience can ask the presenter or moderator (who is leading the webinar) questions in real-time through an instant messaging tool or email.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: What is an automated webinar?

Answer to FAQAnswer: Webinar automation is when you can present your online material to anyone, to any number of people, at any time, in any place by way of the internet.

With automated webinars, the presenter does not need to be present physically. That is because the webinar is pre-recorded, but it is created in a way that makes the presentation seem like a live event. Plus, because of specific technology, an automated webinar has an ability to actually interact with webinar attendees. Some automated webinars even have the ability to conduct question and answer sessions in real time.

Automated webinars can also contain delayed actions such as "buy now buttons" that can appear at a predetermined time in the presentation. An automated webcast can also direct an audience to a specific website at the end of the presentation.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Just what does the Automated Webinar Software do?

Answer to FAQAnswer: Our software program automates the whole process of creating and setting up a potent and highly-effective automated webinar system that you can host on our servers, or you can install and deploy webinars on your own servers. To get a more in-depth and descriptive glimpse at all the features and functions, please visit the broad set of features and functions displayed on our website and then click on the Product tab and the Services tab for detailed information.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Can this software generate traffic and visitors to my website?

Answer to FAQAnswer: No, this software system is not about driving traffic, but rather about monetizing the traffic you do get, and then closing and converting that traffic into sales and profits. This software is the ultimate tool for your sales and marketing funnel. It is about creating an amazing webinar and presentation experience for your webinar attendees. And, it gives the appearance of being a live event, thereby erasing the need for you or a member of your staff to personally host or even be on your webinar at all. You simply record your presentation once and edit it in order to make it perfect. Then, it is delivered in an automated way, as if it were a live event, over and over again!

Frequently asked questionQuestion: What is the limit to the number of webinars and online presentations I can run?

Answer to FAQAnswer: There is no limit to the number of times you can run each webinar you have. With your package, you can create an unlimited number of separate presentations for your business. They can be business presentations, sales presentations, trainings, and seminars for employees or clients or customers. You may run one of each, or some of each, or all of each, or multiples of each. For example, if you owned 10 businesses and you wanted to create and run a business presentation, plus a sales presentation, plus a training for staff, plus a training for clients or customers, plus a seminar for each business - then you could do that with our system. In other words, you could have well over a thousand automated presentations running each and every month. You can run them on specific days of the week, multiple days of the week, or every day of the week + you can run the same automated presentations multiple times each day, and you can do that year round. You are only limited by the hours in a day!

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Are there any kind of web-hosting or content-hosting charges or fees after I purchase the system? Will hosting costs continue to be free for any number of webinars and online presentations, permanently?

Answer to FAQAnswer: We host your automated webinars on our servers, and we have 4 domains that you can choose to use. In fact, you may use one of them, some of them or all of them. Remember, by hosting on our servers you can run your package of webinars as often as you wish (limited only by the hours in the day). As we just mentioned, you can select from one of the internet domain names we have setup for hosting our clients’ webinars and online presentations.

Here's the current list you can make a choice from:

  • (for clients who want to have business presentations)

  • (for clients who want to have seminars)

  • (for clients who have training sessions for staff or members, etc.)

  • (for clients who want to have webinars)

Remember again that you can run an unlimited number of different presentations as many times each as you wish each month!

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Do you support my own particular web-based shopping cart for checkout and payment when someone buys my product or service?

Answer to FAQAnswer: We support all merchant accounts and shopping carts in the sense that whenever you display or show a 'buy-now button' in your online presentation, you can link that button to any external shopping cart that you possess an account for.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Will your system integrate with PayPal?

Answer to FAQAnswer: You can hyperlink your buy-now button to any shopping cart you desire, which includes PayPal. You may additionally use any major email auto-responder with the Best Presentation On Earth system.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Am I able to use my own custom email auto-responder?

Answer to FAQAnswer: Yes, we support any auto-responder such as iContact, GetResponse, Aweber, Arp-Reach, MailChimp, ClickBank, InfusionSoft, 1ShoppingCart, and even other 3rd party auto-reponders that provides HTML form code. You simply have to follow our online tutorials.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Is it possible to run this as a live webinar (online presentation) or is this system only for pre-recorded replies to questions my presentation attendees ask during the webinar?

Answer to FAQAnswer: No. We don't support running webinars in real-time. The whole point of our service is to eliminate the time cost and hassles of running real-time, live webinars while giving you the ability to multiply your marketing efforts by up to 1,000% through the use of an automated system. However, our automated webinar software generates all the program code and files that you need in order to host webinars that appear live and in real-time to your attendees. We accomplish this by utilizing your pre-recorded webinar video that you simply upload online, and then our software program takes control and produces a complete automated webinar presentation and sales system with which to sell your product or service.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: I have been told that buffering on slow online internet connections can make a 'simulated live' event look phony or fake. Consequently some systems permit you to break the video recording into sections or chunks in order to get rid of buffering problems -- or does your webinar video player buffer and play simultaneously in order to avoid buffering delays and waiting times?

Answer to FAQAnswer: Our webinar player works like 99% of all online video players: it buffers to 5% and then streams on. Having said that however, in the event you upload an extremely large webinar video (such as 300mb or something of that size), that 5% could take quite a long time to buffer up and start playing...but after that it should work just fine. For this reason, it's important that you (the user) try to export the video as efficiently as is possible

Frequently asked questionQuestion: How reliable are the delivery rates for the reminder and replay emails that the webinar system sends out to webinar registrants?

Answer to FAQAnswer: Email deliverability will depend on a handful of variables. The most crucial are as follows: (1) regardless of whether or not the email recipient is expecting the e-mail, the good reputation of the sending domain is very important. The domain must not have black marks against it for spam. (2) The content of the emails is important, too. You cannot send out email messages with spammy content that the email content filters will pick up and label as spam. Because we are only sending transactional emails (confirming either that a person had opted into something and/or requesting an email confirmation) versus promotional email messages on your behalf to people who registered for a webinar, the deliverability should be quite good.

We have also gone a step further towards ensuring all your email messages have the best possible shot at deliverability: we have given you complete control of your email deliverability because you will be sending your email by way of your own email service provider. You do not have to worry about some 3rd party ruining the system because they spammed someone on their list. In addition, we also allow you to integrate your email auto-responder service with our system so that you can piggyback off of the good reputation of their service (provided they are a major mainstream auto-responder provider).

If you really want to go to extremes (although it is not necessary), you may also choose to host your webinar on your own domain. This ensures that you are in complete control of your domain’s sending reputation and can manage it yourself.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Is the presentation software a desktop-and-computer product or is everything hosted on the internet? If it is a desktop-and-computer product, will it operate on a Mac/Apple computer?

Answer to FAQAnswer: Our software operates on a hosting server and not on your desktop. The server it runs on will be our server (when you host your webinar with us). Whether you have a Mac computer or a PC makes no difference at all.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: If I work with offline clients, can I set up automated webinars and presentations for them using the product I bought?

Answer to FAQAnswer: You may use our software for any business that you own. In other words, if you own a bakery, if you also operate a small home business, if you also have a network marketing business, and so on - then you can use our software for all of those businesses as long as you own them. Remember, you can have an unlimited number of automated presentations each month. However, if you have clients, then they must purchase a monthly subscription of our software for their own use. This policy is strictly enforced and violators will be terminated immediately without notice because it amounts to stealing our service. The bottom line is that our automated webinar and online presentation solution is cheap and affordable for anyone on any budget.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Can I use a WordPress theme for my automated webinars?

Answer to FAQAnswer: I'm sorry, we do not offer the WordPress Theme as a standalone product at the moment. However, we have made it possible for you to insert a registration form for your automated webinar(s) on any WordPress website that you have! In fact, you can use that registration form on a multiple number of 3rd party website including Facebook. Our software auto-generates that form for you when you set up your automated webinar with us.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Will the Best Presentation On Earth branding show up and be visible on my webinar internet pages anywhere or everywhere?

Answer to FAQAnswer: No. We do not have any of our own branding on the automated webinars that you will generate on our system. It is designed to appear as if it is totally your system.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Can you support additional languages in the user interface that my webinar attendees will be able to see?

Answer to FAQAnswer: If you host your online presentation and webinar with us, we presently just offer English language user interface features. In the event you host your webinar on your own server, you possibly can modify the graphics yourself to support any language you wish. Naturally, the email messages that get sent out and the webinar itself will be in your native language since you will be producing each of those.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Can I get a WordPress Theme to use with my system that will create a membership site for me?

Answer to FAQAnswer: No, you cannot. WordPress does not create membership sites, but it does create amazing squeeze pages (landing pages), sales pages, and complete sales funnels. Once someone clicks the “buy now” button, you are able to send them to your own shopping cart for checkout.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Is there some kind of protection or safeguard to ensure that people do not record my webinar presentation?

Answer to FAQAnswer: The answer is no! There is currently no way to prevent a 3rd party from downloading and copying any kind of streaming video online. Besides, most people don't know how to download and copy video online! We do suggest that you consider watermarking your presentation if you are concerned about someone copying it.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: In the event that I can setup a members area for my business, would it be possible for me to have the ability to easily add videos and stream them from Amazon?

Answer to FAQAnswer: Yes, you will be able to stream videos from Amazon. If you want more information, simply Google Amazon EZS3 and get more information by going to the appropriate website.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: If I can set up and a members area, can my clients and customers easily manage their accounts or cancel their subscription?

Answer to FAQAnswer: You can set up a membership area using 3rd party WordPress plugins like WishList or Digital Access Plugins. Regarding the customers managing their accounts, that depends on how you set up your WishList or DAP settings.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Can I use your automated webinar system to host webinars for my clients on my own websites?

Answer to FAQAnswer: No. We do not offer resell rights, meaning that the automated webinars are only and exclusively to be used for your webinars.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Am I able to install this program and system on client-owned websites?

Answer to FAQAnswer: No. You may not host or generate webinars using our system for other people, regardless of whether it's on your site or their website.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: On my automated webinars, if a prospective client or customer has a question about my business or my product or service, just how do they ask questions since I would not be in attendance on my automated presentations?

Answer to FAQAnswer: You have two options:

1) If you would like to be on the internet during the time of your webinar and online presentation, you can activate our Live Chat function and converse with your clients and customers in real time as your webinar presentation is taking place. We accomplish this through a unique integration with Skype. The cool thing is that you don't even have to be on your automated webinar when this is happening. You could be anywhere so long as you are connected to the internet with either a laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone. Then, you simply open up your Skype application and you can converse LIVE in REAL TIME with your webinar attendees!

2) If you do not want to be online while your webinar is taking place, simply switch on the instant email-forward feature, and all questions and comments typed and keyed in by your prospective customers will be redirected to your email address, so you can respond to them immediately or get back to them at your earliest convenience. You may also setup your webinar so that all questions asked during the presentation are forwarded to you at the end of the webinar in bulk.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Is the automated webinar system designed and developed for use with only specific sites or can it be integrated or incorporated into any website design?

Answer to FAQAnswer: This is a standalone software where you may incorporate your own design if you don’t want to use the built-in templates. It is not a WordPress plugin.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: If it is possible to use the system on my site, do you have any instructions or idea who I would use to help me incorporate it into my site?

Answer to FAQAnswer: You can integrate our automated webinars into our own site using the 3rd party registration form that our system automatically generates specifically for that purpose. Simply follow our online tutorials when you go through the setup of your automated system. If you need assistance with that, simply email us and we will provide you with additional help - but the video tutorials we provide are super simple to follow. Remember that we host your automated presentations on our servers, but technically you can integrate the webinar system on your website, blog or social media account through the use of our auto-generated registration forms.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: I use an auto-responder service like GetResponse for list building. Is that compatible with your system or would I be required to switch to another auto-responder provider?

Answer to FAQAnswer: Yes, it is compatible with most major auto-responders. We can provide you with varying levels of assistance regarding integration if you would like us to help with that.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Is it possible to employ or use this for selling webinars or online seminars that are in themselves the product? In other words, can I create and publish training webinars which people must pay me in order to attend (versus just using this system solely as a marketing tool)? Is there a mechanism and procedure for setting up a "purchase-now" to attend a paid 'live' webinar event if this is an option?

Answer to FAQAnswer: Yes. What you would do is to set the webinar registration page as your Thank You page. Your thank-you page is the web-page that your paying customers are redirected to upon completing the payment checkout page. Note, that if you need help with this, you may hire our programmers to do any custom work you need. Basically, it is pretty simple for us to help you set that up. Feel free to ask us for help at any time.

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Can I use this system to provide and deliver content material that I create or acquire the rights to market? I've been thinking about offering webinars as part of my business (or training program). The main goal would be to provide and deliver the content of the webinar, not to actually sell a program.

Answer to FAQAnswer: Yes. It works perfectly well relative to delivering content. Remember not to put the buy button at the end!

Frequently asked questionQuestion: Can I use a leads rotator?

Answer to FAQAnswer: This is possible as long as a script can be developed so that we can send a generic post request to handle both systems (autoresponder system + rotator system). Currently, the way we are set up is that we only send the information to one system. The system you choose can be your choice.

In other words, you can integrate a lead rotator software and then you can do whatever you want with the leads gathered after you receive them (such as splice it off to 2 different systems, e.g.: your autoresponder, and your lead rotator).

You would first need to find a rotator software that did what you wanted, or you could have a programmer like ours write a script on your behalf, but you would have to pay for that. Then, we would send a generic HTTP GET (a standard URL with a ? in it) or POST (an HTML form) request to any URL (with specified parameters). If the system can handle that, then you are good.

In terms of integrating with an autoresponder program like GetResponse, aWeber, and ArpReach, or any of the autoresponders that we support, it would be a non-issue, provided you have a custom script to submit to both systems (lead rotator + autoresponder system). Those systems do not internally support forwarding information to external systems, as far as we know.

Bottom line is that you would have to create or buy a script that did all that (and you could pay a programmer like ours to create a script that did all this. Using our programmer would be the best way to go because we developed our system from scratch). Also, if you have a lead rotator that had support for autoresponder integration, then it would work.

Systems like GetResponse have the ability for 3rd party applications to access the info on your autoresponder account, but you have to give permission for a programmer to access your account. GetResponse has an API key you can work with.

The thing to be aware of is this:

As long as the lead rotator supports external programming additions to the system, then it will work. It has to support automated submissions that are designed for computer programs (keywords to denote support are terms like API, etc.)

If what you have already meets these criteria, then our programmer would have to do the following:

We would have to create a script on the client's server (which should support a cgi-bin environment, and ideally PHP). This script will accept entries from Best Presentation On Earth and submit them to the lead rotator and autoresponder system. The autoresponder would have to be one that we accept (or that meet with our criteria).

We estimate the hours to do all this would be approximately 2 to 3, but we would have to look at what you currently have.

On the other hand, if the lead rotator system has the ability to submit to an autoresponder system of your choice, then we could handle that easily, but would only be able to work with the lead rotator. You would then have to ensure that the lead rotator properly distributed all the leads to your people, PLUS you would have to ensure that it would integrate with the autoresponders of the people receiving the leads.



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