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Automated Webinars

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Virtually Any Business Model Can Benefit From Automated Webinars!

Webinar goals include:

  • Increasing sales, making sales & generating profits
  • Generating repeat sales from existing business clients & customers
  • Educating employees on how to get started or perform at a higher level
  • Educating clients & customers on how to use your product or service

Webinars work best when your product or service requires any type explanation. Webinars can yield stunning results the more complex or complicated that your product or service is.

For example:

When you need to describe the technology & benefits behind your product:

  • Health products
  • Software
  • Equipment
  • Gadgets
  • Electronics
  • Health & wellness
  • Medical

When you need to describe the scope of services or procedures you offer and their benefits:

  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Teaching

When you need to describe how something works:

  • Business opportunities (franchises, MLM, direct sales, affiliate, etc.)
  • Compensation plans (network marketing, affiliate, direct sales, traditional sales, etc.)
  • Services offered (any type)
  • Programs offered (diet, exercise, fitness, self-development, business, etc.)
  • Memberships offered
  • Classes offered
  • Mentoring and/or coaching (one-on-one, or group)
  • Marketing (online, offline, traditional, non-traditional, etc.)

When you need to train people on any aspect of your business, product or service:

  • Staff & employees
  • Members
  • Clients
  • Customers

What Are Webinars?


Webinars are presentations that take place online. The name was originally derived from the word seminar, but because it was broadcast on the internet or web, the name webinar was coined and it has stuck ever since.

A webinar can actually be any type of presentation that originates online and is streamed to a live audience. With a webinar you can have one or more presenters who host or moderate the presentation. The size of the audience can range from a small handful of people to hundreds of people or more.

Online seminars, online business presentations & online training sessions can all be referred to as webinars.

Businesses, individuals or organizations may wish to refer to their online presentation as a seminar, or business presentation, or sales presentation, or webinar depending on how they want to brand their presentation.

You can choose to make a webinar free to attend, or you can charge money for people to attend.

The Problem with Traditional Webinars...


The big challenge with traditional webinars is that YOU or YOUR PEOPLE have to be present in order to execute a webinar!

Not only is that time consuming, but you are limited to the number of presentations you can make in a day, or a week, or a month! There are only so many hours available. Plus, you also have a finite number of sales people or employees with whom to make presentations.

More compelling is the human inability to make a perfect presentation each time and every time that you need to make a sales presentation, or do a seminar, or conduct a training!

What Are Automated Webinars & How Can They Help My Business?


Let's answer that by asking you a few things...

What if you could be guaranteed of executing the perfect webinar presentation automatically every time?

What if you could do webinars automatically on demand to anybody who was seriously interested in doing business with you?

What if you could make presentations automatically at any time of the day or night?

What if you could automatically reach people regardless of where they were located?

What if you could do all this and not even have to be present?

What if your webinars were so automated that they could literally close sales and collect money for you?

What if your automated system was so sophisticated that it could follow up and drip on your prospective clients or customers who were interested in your product or service, but who had not yet pulled the trigger and bought what you had to offer?

An automated presentation system can do all this and more!

NOW, Answer These Questions...


How important is your ability to make sales or business presentations on a consistent & frequent basis? Making sales presentations and closing those sales are the lifeblood of virtually every business. Automated webinars permit businesses to make multiple full multi-media sales presentations to multiple clients anywhere, so long as the client has an internet connection.

Do you have a need to train people? Webinars are great for training staff, employees, distributors, franchisees, members, customers, clients, anybody! When you need to provide training to people in multiple locations, Automated webinars can make it happen for little or no cost because you don't have to travel to train people and nor do you have to book meeting rooms or hotels! Not only that, but with automated webinars your trainings are available on demand so they can be accessed when they are needed most!

Does your business hold seminars? Traditional seminar companies will now use webinars for their seminars that they traditionally held in hotels and convention centers. The cost savings is huge, plus with webinars you retain the ability to deliver a seminar to hundreds of people or even a thousand people at a time. Automated webinars take seminars to an entirely new level because they are available round the clock and can be made to multiple numbers of people at different times or even simultaneously!

Even nonprofit organizations are capitalizing on the ability to make presentations online. Churches & nonprofits use them to expand into their reach geographically to literally anywhere! And, because webinars eliminate traditional meeting costs and all the associated expenses with setting up and getting to those meetings, they are a perfect fit for nonprofits too! Automated webinars go a step further because they reach people independently at the time that suits the webinar attendee so there's never a chance that someone can't make the presentation!

Will My Prospective Clients and/or Customers Want To Attend My Webinar?


If they believe that your webinar will provide value to them, then the answer is yes! Furthermore, the benefits of webinars are huge for the attendees too! You can have hundreds or thousands of people attend your presentation from the comfort of their home or office. There's no travel time. There's no travel cost. There's no parking to pay. There are no lines to stand in. And, there is no dress code. It just all makes sense!

Can You Give Me Examples of Business Models that Can Benefit from Offering Webinars?


The following represent webinar topics that businesses might use. Keep in mind that a webinar topic should represent what the potential audience really wants to know about. And, it should all be BENEFIT-DRIVEN.

Keep in mind that the following list is for illustration to help you understand what kind of webinar YOUR AUDIENCE would want to attend:

Online Advertising Company:
Webinar Topic Example: "What Your Business Must Do (And Which You Can Do Yourself) In Order To Get On The First Page Of Google In Any Market In The Next 90 Days!"

Divorce Lawyer/Attorney:
Webinar Topic Example: "How To Win Permanent Custody Of Your Children In Divorce!"

DUI Lawyer/Attorney:
Webinar Topic Example: "What It Takes To Successfully Overturn Reduce A DUI Charge & What You Need To Know Now In Order To Win!"

Immigration Lawyer/Attorney:
Webinar Topic Example: "This 60-Minute webinar Will Teach You 5 Urgent Actions That You Must Take Now With Any Attorney In Order To Get A Loved One Out Of A Foreign Jail Cell!"

Building Contractor:
Webinar Topic Example: "How To Reduce Your Home Construction Costs By Up To 20% Working With Any Home Builder!"

Listing Agent Realtor:
Webinar Topic Example: "Effective Home Selling Strategies That Will Net You The Most Money For Your Home In Any Real Estate Market!"

Buyer's Agent Realtor:
Webinar Topic Example: "Learn 9 Ways To Buy Residential Or Commercial Real Estate For Less Than Market Value In Any Real Estate Market!"

Financial Planner:
Webinar Topic Example: "Learn A Strategy That Will Allow Virtually Any Person Over 50 To Amass $500,000 Or More In Solid Savings Over The Next 120 Months!”

Webinar Topic Example: "Learn A Simple & Effective Stretching Routine You Can Do Every Day That Will Eliminate Up To 100% Of Your Back Pain!"

Weight Loss Business:
Webinar Topic Example: "How To Lose 20 Pounds Per Month Eating The Foods You Like & Without Having To Do Insane Exercise Routines!”

Business Opportunity
Webinar Topic Example: "See 7 Little Known Tactics & Strategies That Will Allow You To Generate Big Profits In Your 1st 90 Days With Almost Any Business You Choose To Start!”

Webinar Topic Example: "Discover 8 Ways To Legally & Ethically Stop Paying Taxes On The Profits You Make!"

Cosmetic Dentist:
Webinar Topic Example: "Cosmetic Dentist Patient Answers Including Pricing, Procedures, Levels Of Pain, Recovery times, How Long Procedures Last For, How To Select A Dentist, And What Can Happen To You If You Ignore Treatment!"

Car Dealer:
Webinar Topic Example: "How To Get Any Car Dealer To Give You An Additional 3 Year Full Service Warranty On Any Vehicle You Buy From Any Dealership Without Spending A Dime Over The Sticker Sales Price!"

Heating Company:
Webinar Topic Example: "6 Simple Monthly Activities You Can Do At Home That Will Extend The Life Of Your Heating System & Cut Your Heating Bills By As Much As 30% Starting In The Next 30 Days!"

Air Conditioning Company:
Webinar Topic Example: "3 Things You Can Do To Cool Your Home In The Next 24 Hours Even If The Weather Is sweltering Hot Outside!"

Auto Repair Business:
Webinar Topic Example: "12 Simple Things You Can Do At Home That Will Eliminate Up To $1,200 Or More In Repair & Maintenance Bills annually That You Will Likely Encounter If You Aren't Aware Of This Valuable Information!"

Webinar Topic Example: "What Your Children Must Learn To Do Now If They Want To Be Guaranteed Of Getting Into Any University When They Graduate Years From Now!"

Life Insurance:
Webinar Topic Example: "How To Get The Cheapest Life Insurance Possible With Any Insurance Provider Even If You Smoke, Are Overweight & Have A Pre-Existing Health Condition!"

Swimming Pool Contractor:
Webinar Topic Example: "How To Reduce Your Pool & Spa Construction Costs By Up To 20% Working With Any Pool & Spa Contractor!"

Skin Care:
Webinar Topic Example: "Learn How To Eliminate Facial Lines & Wrinkles, Get Rid Of Acne, Blackheads & Blemishes, & Take 10 Years Off Your Looks With Products You Likely Already Have Stocked In Your Kitchen!"

Mortgage Broker:
Webinar Topic Example: "Secrets To Finding Mortgages That Offer You The Best Features, The Lowest Interest Rates & How To Qualify For Them!"

Natural Supplements Distributor:
Webinar Topic Example: "Reclaim Your Health & Feel The Difference Starting In As Little As 7 short Days Once You Add These Whole Foods & Supplements Into Your Diet!"