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Automated Seminars

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The Number One Reason Why Any Business Would Offer A Free Seminar To Prospective Clients Or Customers Is Because Seminars Can Create Sales & Increase Profits!

In business, there are 3 applications that you can use automated seminars for:

The 1st application is for staff and employee training.


How many hours does your company invest in training new people?

  • Have you ever had to fire someone?
  • Have you ever had someone quit on you?
  • Have you ever had to add new staff for any reason?

Each time a new employee comes on board you have to train them. They can't learn by osmosis. And you certainly can't expect them to guess at how you want things to be done.

It may surprise you to know that one of the biggest gripes a new person can have is that the company never took time to train them the correct way.

The bottom line is that an untrained person (or a new person who lacked the proper training to start with) ends up costing the business both time and money because they either can't do their job properly, or they make mistakes that cost you business & lost sales.

What if you could use an automated seminar to do the training for you?

What if that automated tool would tell you whether they watched the entire training or not?

What if it could confirm for you that your new employee stayed until the end or left early?

What if you could edit your seminar so that it was perfect in your eyes, and as a result, you could give every single new person the very best training possible because you had crafted the perfect training seminar?


The 2nd application could benefit your support & customer service with existing clients or customers.


How many times do you get calls from active clients and customers who want to know the following:

  • How to get started with your product or service?
  • How to use your product or service?
  • How to apply your product or service?
  • The best way to use your product or service?
  • When to use your product or service?
  • Where to use your product or service?
  • What else your product or service can be used for?
  • Why they are having an issue with your product or service?
  • How to troubleshoot a problem using your product or service?
  • And on and on...

What if you could provide one or more automated seminars that answered all these questions, and what if they could return to re-watch your seminar(s) any time they wanted to watch it/them over again?

How high would that be raising the bar in terms of the respect they had for you?

How much money would it save you in customer service hours?

Once again, what if you could edit your seminar to that it was absolutely perfect, and as a result, you could use it over and over again to provide help, support, assistance and training for you existing clients & customers?



The 3rd application could benefit your sales efforts with prospective clients or customers!


Have you ever heard of businesses that make a fortune because they train people how to use their product or service before they sell it to them?

That's a very savvy and powerful marketing manoeuvre depending on the type of product or service that you have.

Ultimately, you show or teach people how to use what you have to offer, and then those people want to buy that product or service from you so they can use what you taught them to do!

Imagine being able to craft the perfect value driven seminar that you could use for this purpose?

Imagine how many more sales you could be making with an approach like this (depending upon what your product and service is all about)?

Imagine being able to offer a tool like this to your sales team in order to support their efforts?



Question: What Is A Seminar?

Answer: A seminar is a presentation that is delivered to a specific audience on a particular topic or set of topics that are educational in nature. They are attended by people who have a desire to learn more about the seminar topic. Traditionally, and prior to the advent of the internet, seminars have been held for groups of 10 to 50 individuals or more in places like hotel meeting rooms or larger ball rooms.

Question: What Is An Automated Seminar?

Answer: Seminar automation is when you can present your value driven seminar automatically to anyone, to any number of people, at any time, in any place by way of the internet. Best of all, you don't need to be physically present. That's because although your seminar is pre-recorded, it is produced in a way that seems live. And, because of specific technology, your seminar has an ability to actually interact with your seminar attendees. In fact, you even retain the ability for real time Q&A.

Question: How Can An Automated Seminar Help My Business?

Answer: If there is any educational element involved in the selling process of your business, then a seminar can be an invaluable marketing tool!

If you have ever said to yourself something like: "If this guy or lady really knew what my product/service could do, then they would buy it from me without hesitation!"

Question: What Is The Key To Creating A Successful Seminar That Results In Sales & Profits For My Business?

Answer: Quite simply, it is a recipe.

The first ingredient is that you have a set of prospective customers or clients who have a problem or challenge that they desperately need help with in terms of finding a solution.

The second ingredient is that you have a product or service that can be part of finding that solution or answer that the prospective customer or client desperately wants to find.

The third ingredient is powerful information and/or how-to knowledge that your prospective customer or client will perceive as extremely valuable and helpful once you expose it to them.

The fourth ingredient is a compelling benefits oriented presentation that you can use to share the tips, tactics, strategies, secrets and how-to's with your audience that causes them to be extremely interested in buying your product or service because they now see you as a solution to their problem or challenge!

The fifth ingredient is perception. In other words, it is critical that your audience experiences a seminar presentation that comes off as being truly valuable and helpful. You never want to disguise a seminar as a blatant sales pitch. Instead, you want to present meaningful information that makes your audience feel that what you have (your product or service) is an obvious solution.