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Automated Sales Presentations

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The Foundation Of Profits For Virtually Every Business (Including Yours) Is The Sales Presentation!

It is the lynch pin for closing sales, capturing more clients & customers, and turning big profits!

If you don't have an effective & empowering sales presentation, (one that is made consistently to the greatest number of qualified & targeted prospects possible on a consistent basis), then neither the best product in the world, nor the best services available, nor the best customer support in existence, will do you any good when it comes to making substantial recurring profits!

If you're business is like most businesses, then your entire marketing effort is designed to get your business in the crosshairs of the right qualified people where you can make a powerful presentation, ask for the order, close the sale & capture a new client or customer!

Once you have crafted the perfect sales presentation, your next tasks should be to duplicate it as often as possible in front of the right highly targeted and qualified people on a perpetual basis!

And, it really is a pure numbers game: make more effective presentations in front of more qualified prospects on a more frequent & consistent basis - and you will bring in more business!

The Blueprint To An Effective Sales Presentation Includes Your Ability To:

  • zero in on the big solution that people in your market niche are desperately searching for - because when they find it, you know that they are prepared to pay money for it.
  • deliver a presentation that hits your prospective client's/customer's hot buttons over and over again driving them into a state of wanting to buy what you have right now!
  • make your presentation flawlessly perfect - where you have credibility, where you sound natural, great, professional, trustworthy & credible all at the same time!
  • ensure your sales presentation covers all the right bases and contains all the main ingredients:
    • A short, smooth, friendly, welcoming and confident introduction.
    • A tone that is exciting but free from hyperbole.
    • An agenda that not only give's the recipient of your sales presentation a map of where you are going to take them in your spiel, but that teases them with 'upcoming information' that you know they want to see.
    • An acceptable time frame: a good length for sales presentations is 30 to 40 minutes maximum! And, if you can put it all together in 20 to 30 minutes - all the better because that is the sweet-spot! The minute your audience becomes bored, then you start to lose them! Think of television show or movie that you wished would last longer than it did: that is what you want your audience to feel!
    • The right speed. Slow is bad, fast is good! The point is: you want your sales presentation to seem like it’s going fast - to the point that spectators do not want to take their eyes off of you for fear they might miss something! One relevant good looking slide that hammers home or emphasises a benefit every 8 to 10 seconds of your presentation is ideally what you want to shoot for!
    • The best content possible. Without a doubt, the most engaging content you can have from your audience's perspective is content that focuses on benefits the prospect will receive, testimonials, case studies and other social proof that will make what your selling believable, credible and trustworthy.
    • A sufficient call to action + clear instructions on what your audience can do next. That can include commands to buy now, download now, subscribe now, etc. Plus, you want that call to action to appear at exactly the right time in your presentation!
    • Some legitimate form of risk removal in the form of a money back guarantee, or a realistic free or $1 trial offer, or a free product sample of some sort.
    • A real sense of urgency. Whether that urgency takes the form of a price increase that can happen at any time or at a specific time, whether it is the fact that only a limited number of your product is available, whether it is the fact that you only have room for X number of people before what you are offering fills up - your sense of urgency has to be perceived as both real and urgent to where time is of the essence!
    • A set of simple, easy-to-follow instructions that take your prospects to the next step - and that a 10th grader could follow! There's no point in making the best presentation on earth and then losing people because they have no idea of what to do next, or they end up getting confused, or they perceive that what you are asking them to do is too difficult to execute or understand!
    • The ability to make a sale for you effortlessly and automatically without your involvement! This means having a simple and easy-to-use shopping cart set up that can both collect payment plus deliver access to your products automatically!
    • The right visuals. Only use images that are extremely relevant and synonymous to your topic and the points being made! Don't be cute when you need to be serious! Only use humor when you can pull it off! Only use images that are in good taste, but do use images that create the excitement you want to impart & that drive your talking points home! You also don't have to use images! However, if you do go the route of using only text, then make sure you have a design layout for your presentation slides so that your presentation doesn't look amateur. Note also that the best lengths for presentations with no images are well under 15 minutes. The sweet spot might even be around 10-12 minutes if you don't use images.
    • No clutter. The best presentation you can make is one where the visuals are simple, non-cluttered, relevant to what you are saying, and extremely easy to understand! Keep text to a bare minimum. Use short bullet points. Make sure you use images that are royalty free and that you have the rights to use them.
    • The direction or path of your presentation has to not only make sense to your audience, but it has to be appealing to them as well. The agenda can be whatever you want it to be - but make sure that it focusses on your audience and not you. People want to know: "What's in it for them?" Mission statements, policies, terms of use, stuff about you, etc. - is of very little importance to your target audience compared to what they want, what they are looking for, what solutions you can offer them, and the proof that you can deliver what you or your product or service claim to be able to deliver.
    • Be able to make good on your presentation promises! While this is not actually part of your presentation recipe, it is important that you understand that you will keep returns & refunds to a minimum so long as you are able to back up everything in your sales presentation that you promise or claim! While it is fine and necessary to expound on the benefits of your products or services, don't ever embellish what you or your product can do. Overstating & under-delivering (in other words: over-promising) can do substantial damage to your image and brand! These days with people's abilities to easily post negative comments & reviews about you online, you want to be able to over-deliver on what you promise! If you do that, then you will create a sea of raving fans!